Sovrin Extracts Distillate Vape Cartridges (Refill)


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Sovrin Extracts Distillate Cartridges / Add 5 or more to your cart and save 10% no coupon needed!

Type: Distillate 
Additives: None
Size: 0.8 gram
Element: Ceramic
Thread: 510
Durability: High (metal and glass)
Tip: Ceramic
Ease of use: Easy

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Vancouver based Sovrin Extracts vape pens contain superior grade distillate and strain specific terpenes. Their THC distillate is second to none with a total cannabinoid profile above 95% and total THC above 90%. The strain specific terpenes they use are organic and all natural.

Sovrin uses the gold standard of cartridges the CCell system that as we like to say “kicks like a mule”. Sovrin offers nice rich clouds with potency and taste second to none. We sell the Sovrin Vape Battery with Hard Case Kit separately. Another stellar option is the CCELL PALM battery or CCELL SILO battery.

Available Strains:

THC Variants:

Available Flavours:

THC Variants:

  • Grape (naturally flavored)
  • Guava (naturally flavored)
  • Hubba Bubba (Bubble Gum) (naturally flavored)
  • Mango (naturally flavored)
  • Orange Crush (naturally flavored)
  • Pina Colada (naturally flavored)
  • Root Beer (naturally flavored)
  • Watermelon (naturally flavored)

CBD/THC Variants:

CBD Variants:

  • Grape CBD (Full Spectrum CBD) (naturally flavored)
  • Lime Pure CBD (Full Spectrum CBD) (naturally flavored)
  • Mango Pure CBD (Full Spectrum CBD) (naturally flavored)
  • Pina Colada (Full Spectrum CBD) (naturally flavored)
  • Root Beer CBD (Full Spectrum CBD) (naturally flavored)
  • Sweet Mint (Full Spectrum CBD) (naturally flavored)
  • Watermelon (Full Spectrum CBD) (naturally flavored)


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Strain or Flavour:

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7 reviews for Sovrin Extracts Distillate Vape Cartridges (Refill)

  1. brandon.rothberg (verified owner)

    Picked up a Tangie and a GDP. The Tangie cart hits very well, with a great, chill sativa high. The taste is fantastic, the oil is nice and thick and not too dark. Looking forward to trying the GDP. Will definitely be picking up again.

  2. scrubpvp911 (verified owner)

    Got the GSC, super potent and hits like a truck. I was taking a tolerance break prior to ripping this thing, and it floored me! As soon as I opened the cartridge a pine smell hit me in the face, the taste is also very piney and sweet. Looking forward to trying new products from these guys. Great stuff.

  3. ashinthegarden (verified owner)

    Favourite product for my CCELL vape so far !!! I suffer from chronic migraines and these have helped more than anything Else ive tried , ESPECIALLY for nausea. The CBD THC 1:1 sweet mint is super relaxing because of the natural mint flavour & very fast acting for pain without making you feel completely out of it. You can tell there are NO fillers , very thick product that lasted. You can easily find information on the company :). I’m currently waiting for Skywalker , and the AC/DC 1:1. Will continue to try all the strains Sovrin has to offer.

  4. jordanduncanb (verified owner)

    Picked up 5
    Watermelon 5* very flavorful, one of favs
    Alaska thunder fuck 3* underwhelming taste
    Hubba Bubba 5* love this
    Super lemon haze 5* sooooo good Lemmon
    Pineapple Express 3* yeah…

  5. antoine_770 (verified owner)

    i took the sweet mint thc and cbd 1:1 and i’m pretty impress by the quality of the product on this web site they really deserve 5 stars.

  6. pyrite (verified owner)

    Picked up the GSC Cart
    Was very potent and hit me crazy hard, was amazing. As soon as you open up the lil tube, you instantly get hit with the smell of pine. Definitely worth buying.

  7. katdeleon97 (verified owner)

    First of all, I didn’t expect Chocolope to taste like chocolate but it really does!!! Sometimes your palette will mess with you and you start tasting Cola or some other familiar taste. I also got the Watermelon and it was an amazing experience. Great for discreet smoking although it does leave a hint of smell the but it dissipates eventually.

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