Milky Way Extracts Distillate Vape Cartridges (Pen Refill – 1 gram)


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Milky Way Extracts Distillate Cartridges / Add 3 or more to your cart and save 10% no coupon needed!

Type: Distillate 
Additives: None
Size: 1 ml/1 gram
Element: Ceramic
Thread: 510
Durability: High (metal and glass)
Tip: Ceramic
Ease of use: Easy

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Milky Way Extracts vape cartridges contain superior grade distillate and strain specific terpenes. Their cartridges have a total cannabinoid profile above 95% and total THC above 90%. The strain specific terpenes they use are organic and all natural. No MCT, PG, PEG or VG and lab tested every batch.

This is a 1 gram cartridge! You asked for it and we delivered. We have searched long and hard for a high grade product in the 1 gram format and finally it is here. We love this brand and so will you AND you will also get a bit more bang for your buck. We have tried many 1 gram carts and were disappointed by them all … that is until now! We sell the Milky Way Extracts Variable Voltage Battery separately.

Available Strains:

Available Flavours:

  • Pina Colada (naturally flavored)  [Sativa]
  • Strawberry Banana (naturally flavored)  [Sativa]
  • Strawberry Lemonade (naturally flavored)  [Sativa]


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Strain or Flavour:

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5 reviews for Milky Way Extracts Distillate Vape Cartridges (Pen Refill – 1 gram)

  1. learnnorm (verified owner)

    Have tried several extract cartridges and hands down this is the best tip by far. You do not want to venture too far from your chair after taking a few hits off of these tips because it does not take long before you have one of the best naps you have ever had.

  2. Vapewave89 (verified owner)

    These guys are awesome. Heard great things about the Strawberry Lemonade so I grabbed two of those and one Gelato (when you order 3 or more they go down to $63/cart) The SB Lem lasted me 2 weeks of daily usage, and had an amazing flavour and a perfect high, clean and clear minded, yet so absolutely stoned! The flavour did begin to lose its punch near the last few days, however the potency was always spot on. Onto the Gelato now while I write this and its definitely a body buzz, very enjoyable, will probably melt into bed soon 😎 Really recommend these bad boys, cant wait to place another order.

  3. antoine_770 (verified owner)

    Best product i tried so far. No leak, no brownish colours inside the liquid if you take multiple hit i’ll order again definitly!!!

  4. BruceBanner (verified owner)

    Awesome carts. Great flavour, clean high. Strawberry Lemonade is really tasty. Recommended.

  5. ZackryH (verified owner)

    Never EVER buying these again. Bought a Milky way cart & battery, left the cart for a bit to warm up because it was the middle of winter when I got them, screwed the cart into the batter and took a hit, most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted. Burnt, harsh, and smelled terrible. Worst part is that even after about 5 good sized hits, didn’t even get me slightly high. After trying for a while over a few days to see it I needed to just break it in, still nothing and tasted just as bad. The top layer of the distillate in the cart has turned a dark brown almost black kind of burnt color.

    Solution: Ended up buying a zen battery and an Elite Extracts cart and they’re AMAZING.

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