Milky Way Variable Voltage Vape Battery (Pen Type)


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The Milky Way Vape Variable Voltage Stick Battery (350mAh) features a push button variable voltage battery with 4 heat settings. This is our go to stick battery/pen type battery.

The metallic body accommodates most 510 threaded cartridges and includes a standard USB dongle style charger. This is a great unit and really offers the ability to dial in to the type of vape production you want depending on if you are hitting Distillate, CO2 oil, CBD or Rosin. Filled vape cartridges not included and are sold separately.

3 reviews for Milky Way Variable Voltage Vape Battery (Pen Type)

  1. Vapewave89 (verified owner)

    Works great for a $20 pen, sleek look to match their brand of carts. Has an adjustable dial at the bottom for voltage, and ever after being in my pocket and getting taken out frequently the dial stays put. Battery goes for about a week of daily usage. Gets the job done!

  2. JasonWilliamJosephMarcoux (verified owner)

    Awesome pen , easy to use and powerful .

  3. BruceBanner (verified owner)

    Great pen-style battery. Adjustable voltage isn’t really necessary for MW carts – they even suggested using the lowest setting – but the quality is high for a $20 pen and it works great.

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