Elite Extracts Distillate Vape Cartridges (Pen Refill – 1 gram)


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Type: Distillate 
Additives: None
Size: 1 ml/1 gram
Element: Ceramic
Thread: 510
Durability: High (metal and glass)
Tip: Ceramic
Ease of use: Easy

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Elite Extracts Vape Cartridges (now known as 1 Gram BC Vapes) contain premium grade distillate and strain specific terpenes. Their cartridges have a total THC content above 90%. The strain specific terpenes they use are organic and all natural. No MCT, PG, PEG or VG and lab tested every batch.

This is a 1 gram cartridge! You asked for it and we delivered. We have searched long and hard for a high grade product in the 1 gram format and finally it is here. We love this brand and so will you AND you will also get a bit more bang for your buck. We have tried many 1 gram carts and were disappointed by all but the two that we now carry. Elite also uses the best in the business CCell cartridge system. For best results we recommend a CCELL PALM battery or CCELL SILO battery but most 510 threaded batteries will work as well.

Available Strains:

THC Variants:

Available Flavours:

  • Blueberry (Naturally flavoured)
  • Cherry (Naturally flavoured)
  • Grapefruit (Naturally flavoured)
  • Green Apple (Naturally flavoured)
  • Lemon Cake (naturally flavoured)


CBD/THC Variants:


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Strain or Flavour:

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10 reviews for Elite Extracts Distillate Vape Cartridges (Pen Refill – 1 gram)

  1. girlglory (verified owner)

    Picked up Sundae Driver. Awesome. So relaxing and very tasty. I will be back for more!

  2. karansynr (verified owner)

    love that they use the CCELL cartridges. and the product they use seems to be very good also. seems to have no fillers, very thick in viscosity. the taste for the sunset sherbet isn’t very strong if it has a taste, but it does taste similar to a sunset sherbet pax pod i had. so maybe thats just the flavor, if so not that much to my liking. the high is nice, more so a day time smoke for me. unlike the zkittlez, the high on the zkittlez is very indica a very nice night time smoke. the zkittlez also doesn’t have much flavor but does taste a little different than the sunset sherbert. gonna grab a non strain name one next time to see if flavor is better.

  3. mrjptheman (verified owner)

    Great taste got very high for a good amount of time every use.it leaked a but. And was cloggy, not to bad just halfto warm it up more then usual. Awesome product!

  4. chrisfrombc (verified owner)

    The absolute best cannabis vape product I’ve ever found!

    The flavor is nice, but this brand is all about the stands, and that’s where it really stands out. These cartridges have a full 1ml, so while they may be a little more expensive than some products, they last a LOT longer. The actual cartridge they come in is well made, has good air flow, and burns consistently well.The real high point of this product is the actual juice, they are potent and doesn’t cause any kind of cough in me.

    Amazing product, if you’re on the fence don’t wait… buy it now!

  5. ashinthegarden (verified owner)

    Awesome amount of product for the price. I tried Alaskan Thunderfuck ! It was hard hitting & decently long lasting. A good sativa for those who worry about getting anxiety and paranoia. I felt uplifted & more energetic. My only complaint whatsoever is that tip because sort of clogged , easy to fix like someone else mentioned you just warm it up a bit more and it gives itself. Would purchase this brand again !!!

  6. b.d.a.johns (verified owner)

    Picked up a GDP, Tangie and Harlequin 4:1 CBD:THC, and let me tell you that Harlequin is like wrapping yourself in marshmallow blanket and soaking in a hot cocoa jacuzzi. Lovely effects but flavor differences are meh.

  7. shalaina_thune (verified owner)

    Pretty good! They all pack a pretty big flavour (gelato is the best flavour imo tastes like rainbow sherbet) and a good punch! I used these mostly for sleep and they did the trick definitely will purchase more! Wasn’t the biggest fan of the indicas but the hybrids + sativas are amazing for the price!

  8. T man (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered a lot of them and I can say they are the best ones around. Nice and thick and tasty will order again and again. There is lots of information on the kind of products so u can pick what works for you. When u message chronic vapes with any questions they get right back to u . Happy smoking and thanks to chronic vapes and BC vapes for making this product available for all of us

  9. learning12345 (verified owner)

    Not impressed at all…takes 7-8 good hits to come close to a buzz…Death Bubba, and Do si Do’s waste of money. Not sure I will be back.Hardly any taste at all.

  10. Bousquert.Tucker (verified owner)

    Great pens, I’ve ordered almost all strains and no complaints for content or taste. They sent me a leaked cart and wouldn’t respond to my emails. ALSO don’t buy the CBD as I have ordered about 5 and all of them come crystallized and you end up only being able to smoke half of it. There great other than fixing there defective product.

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