Cannabis Oil Vaporizers

Have you heard about cannabis oil vaporizers? They are portable, lightweight, discreet and an affordable way to self-medicate. Cannabis has been documented as being around since 2727 BC, according to the DEA Museum and has been used to treat many medical conditions.

Modern Use of Cannabis – Treat Medical Conditions

In the modern world, specifically in the last 10 years in Canada, cannabis has come a long way. More research studies and use in the medical industry occur. Relief from several mental health conditions has been very successful with cannabis. This all natural medicinal plant is also used by many people just to take edge off of the daily grind. The good news for both medical marijuana patients and self-medicators alike is that cannabis is here to stay. As cannabis enthusiasts, we believe the best way to consume cannabis is with a cannabis oil vaporizer.

Why Use a Cannabis Vaporizer as a Consumption Method?

There are many ways that cannabis can be consumed. Smoking cannabis in a bong, smoking a joint and everywhere in between. There are many different devices. However, we find that using a cannabis vaporizer is the best way to seek relief for many reasons including:

  • Quick way to self-medicate and avoid pharmaceutical drugs
  • Easy to use
  • Doesn’t harm your lungs or body
  • Discreet
  • Convenient
  • Reliable performance
  • Affordable

What Kinds of Cannabis Vaporizers are Available? – Flower and Oil

Now that you know a few reasons why vaping is a great way to consume cannabis, we will dive into the main 2 types of vaporizers. There is a flower vaporizer and an oil vaporizer. When you use a vaporizer meant for cannabis flowers, the vaporizer extracts the medicinal properties out of the flower and turns it into a vapor which you inhale. The flower is left behind, in tact and when it is slightly brown it is fully consumed. Another clue is that the flavour will go from light and fragrant to dull and bitter. This method requires you to pack your vaporizer and clean it after each use. If you don’t want to worry about packing and cleaning, a cannabis oil vape pen is a blissful alternative.

Cannabis Oil Vaporizers / Vape Pens – Best Way to Consume

We prefer oil vape pens as the best way to consume cannabis because of the simplicity, convenience and control. You don’t have to worry about packing flower in the chamber or cleaning afterward – just experience instant relief on demand. You will need to keep the unit charged and refill it when the cannabis oil is done, but this is very simple to do and we like simple 🙂

Cannabis Vape Pens are Convenient – Use Them Virtually Anywhere

In addition to being simple to use, vape pens do not look like anything out of the ordinary and they can be used virtually anywhere. They are also growing in social acceptance as more people are educated about the numerous benefits. Vape pens are quick and convenient, but discretion is key so be mindful of where you use it. Now let’s get into what we believe is one of the best vape pens on the market today.

Which Cannabis Vape Pen Has Caught Our Attention?

One vape pen we love over here is the Gold Digger vape pen by West Coast Smoke Co. It is easy use, portable and small enough to put in your pocket. The draw is consistent and beautiful, every time. This is an amazing pen for first time self-medicators as well as cannabis connoisseurs, or “cannasseurs” as we like to say.

What is the Gold Digger Vape Pen Design and Performance Like?

West Coast Gold Digger Cannabis Vape Pen Kit

West Coast Gold Digger Cannabis Vape Pen Kit

Let’s get into more detail. This pen looks gorgeous. The gold is shiny, classy and high quality. It performs on a dime as expected. The oil level is easy to see through its clear chamber. When your oil goes low it is a cinch to replace and when your battery is low it is just as effortless to charge. It also comes with its very own USB adapter.

  • Mood: Content, Happy & Motivated
  • Strain: Strawberry Cough
  • Method: Gold Digger Vape Pen by West Coast Smoke Co
  • Verdict: Fantastic, Boombastic

Try the Gold Digger Cannabis Vape Pen Now. It’s Delicious.

Want to give the Gold Digger cannabis vape pen  a try? Just verify you’re 19+, make an order and send us your shipping info. We’ll handle the rest. This pen may be just the best vape experience of your life. We can’t wait for you to try it! Want a different pen? No problem 🙂 Check out our arsenal of cannabis vape pens. Email us or chat with us online if you have questions or need help ordering. First time customer? We’ll take $20 off your order.

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